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We Are Your Legal Innovation Team

Innovation on Demand

Alpha Creates helps leaders build better businesses in the legal industry through innovation gigs, strategy engagements and technology projects.

We deliver on-demand access to industry-leading legal innovators, strategists and technologies, accelerating legal innovation for all legal consumers, regardless of size.

Our Services

Our clients include law firms, NewLaw firms, LegalTech firms, listed law firms, corporate legal departments, government entities and Big Four consulting firms.


Legal innovation is the heart of our business.

We work with our clients to embed innovation into provision and consumption of legal services.

Innovation is not (just) technology; It’s the reconfiguration of people, process and technology to deliver competitive advantage.


We are strategists to professional service firms.

We work with our clients on strategy engagements, market analysis, competitive analysis and research to quantify an otherwise qualitative market.

At its essence, strategy is problem solving. Whether you are seeking revenue growth, market entry or improved profitability, the best approach for you will depend on your unique circumstances.


We have our finger on the pulse of technology, from enterprise software through to LegalTech, RegTech, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

We provide frank and impartial assessments of the market to our clients and advise whether to build, buy or borrow.

Once a decision has been made, we’ll stick around to ensure deployment and adoption are frictionless.

Our Work


Global Engagement

Our work includes innovation, strategy and technology engagements with clients from around the world.


Case Study #1: Asia-Pacific Strategy Review

CHALLENGE: A $10.5 billion network of top tier independent law firms with 15 member firms across 19 countries in the Asia-Pacific region needs to understand the competitive landscape of 15 countries to gauge strategic opportunities for member firms in the region.

APPROACH: We used market data to quantify and map the competitive landscape across the Asia-Pacific region and then engaged member firm leaders to collect their on-the-ground perspectives of competitive threats and strategic opportunities.

OUTCOME: We quantified the competitive landscape and opportunities for member firms in the Asia-Pacific region. The network used this data to engage its member firms in building a referral network to better compete for clients and business.


Case Study #2: Design Thinking for Legal Services

CHALLENGE: The legal department of a major Australian technology company wanted to improve the way that it engaged with the broader business for BAU legal risk assessments.

APPROACH: We facilitated a design thinking based workshop that pulled together a multi-disciplinary team, identified bottlenecks to existing processes, and surfaced new approval pathways and processes to circumvent these bottlenecks.

OUTCOME: Our client created a suite of proactive elements that now form the basis of a strategy for improving the customer experience in internal delivery and consumption of legal services.


Case Study #3: Designing technology adapted for specific needs of lawyers

CHALLENGE: A transactional team at an international law firm wanted to identify the most contentious issues that are likely to arise in their negotiations of certain legal documents.

APPROACH: We examined information that was available individually and collectively to each member of the team, undertook a data wrangling exercise, and proposed a solution that utilises the available data in new ways.

OUTCOME: Together with an AI partner who specialises in legal language processing, we proposed a software dashboard that can provide insights into such contentious issues.

Our Team

Eric Chin

Principal | Strategy, Innovation

Eric Chin is a strategy consultant that works with law firms, listed law firms, LegalTech firms, NewLaw firms and corporate legal departments on strategy, M&A, market analysis, innovation and Asia. His experience spans across the Asia-Pacific region with work completed for law firms and Big Four accounting firms. Eric’s work in the region has culminated in his induction as one of 30 people to watch in the business of law in Asia in 2015 by Asia Law Portal.

Dharmendra Yadav

Consultant | Strategy, Innovation

Dharma is a seasoned corporate counsel, with over 15 years of legal work experience across the financial services sector in the Asia-Pacific. He champions cross-jurisdictional corporate/commercial practice of law, innovation by solo counsel / small legal teams, and workplace diversity & inclusion.

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